week 7 project 2

Week 7 Project

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Application: Contemporary Issue in Criminal Justice

Note: This assignment is part of your Final Project.

Investigating issues is an important component of working in the U.S. criminal justice system. For this assignment, you discuss the historical issue in the criminal justice system that you will address in the Final Paper.

As a reminder, you will need to include in your Final Project a minimum of 15 peer-reviewed articles. You should incorporate additional resources into this assignment and continue your research in preparation for completing all components (Weeks 2, 3, 6, 7) of the 10-15 page Final Paper that is due in Week 10.

Note: Review the “Final Project Week 7 Rubric” in the Course Information area for additional information.

The assignment (2–3 pages):

  • Explain the current state of the issue in criminal justice that you identified in Week 2.
  • Explain what the current data looks like.
  • Explain what the trends are for this issue.

Submit your assignment by Day 7.

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