what is your analysis of the meck transformation

Read Integrative Case: The Transformation of MECK Insurance, pages 774 – 783.

You are an Internal OD Consultant to MECK Insurance working on Cultural Transformation of MECK’s Customer Service Organization (CSO).

You and your team have completed Launch 1 of the CSO Transformation project. The Executive Office is pleased with your team’s accomplishments in Launch 1 and are looking forward to a successful Launch 2 and Launch 3.

The CEO of MECK has some very specific questions to which the Executive Office needs answers in order to support Launch 2 and Launch 3 project efforts.

Your Assignment:

I. Respond to the three specific concerns identified in Question 1 (page 783), which are:

1. What is your analysis of the MECK transformation to date?

2. What has worked, what has not worked?

3. Do the OD team’s learning seem complete?

II Keeping in mind the lessons learned to date, propose a design (interventions, roles and responsibilities, timing, agendas, and other aspects), for Launch 2. Be sure to include or consider:

1. Continued work with leadership team

2. Building capacity of leaders

3. Starting to engage the rest of the organization using core principles

4. Continuing to leverage organization design features, such as systems, structures and rewards, to align behavior to the Compass.

3 references

3 pages

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