write assessment blog by following the instruction below

SPP Needs Assessment Blog as attached there are a few examples to be familiar with what the way the Prof want me to write this homework.

a. Review Needs Assessment

i. Staff/Teachers/Administrators/Paraprofessionals

ii. Parent

b. Create one ‘Needs Assessment (professional development) Survey’ for your organization (club, school, university, etc). Select your audience, either professionals or parents.

i. What is a good survey

1. Introduction to the purpose of the survey (provide intent)

2. Directions (tell the participant what to do)

ii. Types of survey as data collection tools

1. Likert-type scale (ratings)

2. Open-ended (fill in the blank)

3. Yes or No (clear decision)

4. Checklist

iii. Goal—what do you want to learn

iv. Imagine what you are going to do with it (have a reason why you are asking the question: demographics and content). Do not be too intrusive.

v. To create your survey, choose any format you prefer (Word, GoogleSurvey, SurveyMonkey, etc)

vi. Does not have to be perfect.

1. Large and okay

2. Shorter and refined well done

vii. When is it due

1. DRAFT (first attempt and start at the assignment)

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